Golf : Share YOUR scores live with the digital scorecards

How works the digital scorecards?

  • Easy! Only one player per flight enters the scores!

  • This digital scorecards is a revolutionary system: no manual number entry is needed, it’s like an abacus, making the input process easy, even without glasses.

  • This innovative website allows you to share YOUR golf scores in real-time DURING YOUR ROUND of golf and compare YOUR overall ranking LIVE with that of all other participating players.
    Whether it’s a friendly match, a tournament, or your club championships.
    The results will be displayed on your Android smartphones, iPhones, and even simultaneously via the “Leaderboard” menu on the smart TV from your clubhouse.

  • To the great delight of your spouse, she can check your scores live on her mobile phone because, as we all know, she is passionate about every shot you take on the course!🤣

  • The next time you play with your friends, use this site and to show them who’s the best!

Enjoy! During the experimental phase, it’s free!

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