Golf : Share YOUR scores live

How it works ?

  • So easy! Only one player per flight needs to input the scores!
  • This is a unique feature that allows you to share your golf scores live with other flights during the game, enabling you to stay updated after each hole.
  • Whether it’s a friendly game, a tournament, or your club championships, you can have a live display of your ranking and that of all participants.
  • You can access this feature on your smartphone, iPhone, or, if you prefer, simultaneously on a smart TV in your clubhouse.
  • The general ranking of all players in your tournament will be displayed live on all mobile devices connected to this website, or in your clubhouse, or on any internet-connected multimedia device.
  • It works on iPhone, Android, tablets, computers, smart TVs, or even on the phone of your enthusiastic wife who, as we all know, loves to follow your scores live!
  • This is a revolutionary system that eliminates the need to be entered numerically, using a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require glasses.
  • Next time you’re playing a game with your friends, use this app to show them who’s the boss!

Enjoy! During the experimental phase, it’s free!