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1) Live leaderboard

  • Live sharing my scores with the other golfers
  • Live view on the leaderboard app of the rankings of you and the others in your golf tournament
    (on your smartphone and at the same time on a TV)
  • The classification of all players in the tournament is displayed live on your mobile phone and in the clubhouse or on any multimedia device connected to the Internet
    (iPhone, Android, Tablets, Computer, Smart TVs)
  • Easy input of the player's score.
  • The next time you play with your friends, set up your tournament to show them who's the boss!

2) Six points game (3 players)

Rules for the  Six points game (3 players):
    6 points to be drilled per hole for 3 players

  • Player :
    A made a par and get 4 points
    B made a bogey mark 2 pts
    C double bogey 0 pt
  • Player :
    A made the par
    B & C do Bogey
    A mark 4 points and B & C score 1 pt
  • Players :
    A, B, C made the same score
    Mark all three 2 pts
  • Players :
    B & C made the par and mark 3 pts
    A made a bogey and mark 0 pt

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