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    For the player who will score the points:

    Optionally start with adding a shortcuts on the desktop of your mobile phone, after accessing the site golfleaderboard.be via Google, click on the small menu at the top right and select "Add to the home screen" Or install the Android application ->
    golf online scoring game

    The first time:

    1. Click on the "Register" button and complete the fields.

    2. In the general menu:
      • Click "Golf course" then "Current game" menu

      • Select the number of players that will be in your flight.

      • Select your Golf course.

      • (you can add your Golf course if it is not included in the list)

    3. Click "Validate" button.

    Before the tournament (or friendly game):

    1. Click on the "Connect" button
      (If you see the point encoding table, skip this step, you are already registered and logged in)

    2. In the "Scores" column, fill in the first names of the players from your flight

    During the tournament (or friendly game):

    - Complete the scores as in the example below for hole 1:
    Marc.F does 2 strokes, so a BIRDIE, Michel.F does the PAR and JC.P does 4, so the BOGEY

    - Click "Validate" and the table automatically moves to the next hole.

    - If you want to correct an error, click on the icone of the hole to correct, complete the scores and validate. (this can also be used to encode an out-of-range score greater than 9)

    - If for some reason, your browser is freezing, close it and return to golfleaderboard.be, you can continue.
    (all encoded and validated scores are kept in memory).

    Encoding example (PAR 3):

Check the fields that matches each player's score (P=Par)

4 Games...
(Compatible EDS card (Extra Day Score) supported by the European Golf Association (EGA))

1) Six points game (3 players)

  • Live sharing my scores with the other golfers
  • Live view on the leaderboard app of the rankings of you and the others in your golf tournament
    (on your smartphone and at the same time on a TV)
  • The classification of all players in the tournament is displayed live on your mobile phone and in the clubhouse or on any multimedia device connected to the Internet
    (iPhone, Android, Tablets, Computer, Smart TVs)
  • Easy input of the player's score.
  • The next time you play with your friends, set up your tournament to show them who's the boss!

2) Stroke play

Rules for the Stroke play
    6 points to be drilled per hole for 3 players

  • Player :
    A made a par and get 4 points
    B made a bogey mark 2 pts
    C double bogey 0 pt
  • Player :
    A made the par
    B & C do Bogey
    A mark 4 points and B & C score 1 pt
  • Players :
    A, B, C made the same score
    Mark all three 2 pts
  • Players :
    B & C made the par and mark 3 pts
    A made a bogey and mark 0 pt

3) Match play

Rules for the Match play

    Match play is the original form of play: two players play against each other, hole by hole. The count is therefore done hole by hole, the player who makes the fewest strokes on a hole wins the hole. The player who wins the game is the one who has won the most holes on the whole course.

4) Stableford

Rules for the Stableford

    In golf, each hole has a PAR, which is the ideal number of strokes to complete the hole in question.

    While playing in Stableford, a player receives:

    5 points if he has played three strokes below par (albatross)

    4 points if he has played two strokes below the par (eagle)

    3 points if he played a stroke below par (birdie)

    2 points if he played the par

    1 point if he made a stroke over par (bogey)

    0 point if he has played two or more strokes over par (double bogey).

    In Stableford, if you have strokes, they are represented by pink balls.
    The grey balls represent the area where you have no more point or more precisely a cross (in this case, it becomes unnecessary to continue the hole).

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